Class reference

Subclass of CIM_GenericDiskPartition

VTOC is a partitioning scheme used on Sun Solaris and some other OSes based on BSD Unix. VTOC partitions are also known as slices. VTOC allows partitions to overlap. A VTOC disk always contains 8 slices, but not all need to be in use.

Local properties

uint16[] Flags

The VTOC partition flags.

ValueMap Values
1 Unmountable
10 Read Only

string AsciiLabel

A string value generated by the format utility based on the disk vendor and product IDs and the capacity.

uint16 Tag

The VTOC tag. This is selected by the user to provide a about the content of the partition. These are the names and values already used in the VTOC definitions.

ValueMap Values
0 Unassigned
1 Boot
2 Root
3 Swap
5 Backup
6 Stand
7 Var
8 Home
9 Alternate Sector
10 CacheFS

Local methods


Inherited properties

boolean Allocatable
uint16 Access
boolean Primordial
string SystemName
boolean ErrorCleared
uint16 Usage
string Status
datetime InstallDate
uint64 Generation
uint16 NameFormat
string InstanceID
string Purpose
boolean Extendable
boolean IsCompressed
string Name
boolean Bootable
uint64 BlockSize
boolean IsComposite
string DeviceID
string Signature
string Caption
uint16 StatusInfo
uint16[] ExtentStatus