Power Management Script python reference

Main interface functions wrapped with lmi commands are:

All of these accept ns object as the first argument. It is an instance of lmi.shell.LMINamespace.

Power Management Module API

LMI power management provider client library.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_HIBERNATE = 7

Hibernate the system.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_POWEROFF = 12

Turn off the system.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_POWEROFF_FORCE = 8

Turn off the system without shutting down services first.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_REBOOT = 15

Reboot the system.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_REBOOT_FORCE = 5

Reboot the system without shutting down services first.

lmi.scripts.powermanagement.POWER_STATE_SUSPEND = 4

Suspend the system.


Get list of available power states.

Returns:list of power states
Return type:list of POWER_STATE_* constants
lmi.scripts.powermanagement.switch_power_state(ns, state)

Switch system power state.

Parameters:state (POWER_STATE_* constant) – Requested power state.