Account ProviderΒΆ


OpenLMI-Account is CIM provider which manages POSIX accounts. It exposes remotely accessible object-oriented API using WBEM set of protocols and technologies. The provider implements DMTF identity profile, for more details read DMTF profile.

The provider manages only users and groups listed in /etc/passwd and /etc/groups files. It uses libuser library to access these files.


The API can be accessed by any WBEM-capable client. OpenLMI already provides:


  • Create, modify or remove user and/or group.
  • List users in a group and modify group membership.
  • Event based monitoring of users and groups (emit indication event when an user or group is created or removed).


For examples how to use OpenLMI-Account provider remotely from LMIShell, see the usage.

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