Class diagram for Power Management provider.

Base class of this provider is LMI_PowerManagementService. This class has method RequestPowerStateChange that can be used for changing between power states.

For list of available power states, see property PowerStatesSupported of the class LMI_PowerManagementCapabilities

All example scripts are for lmishell. See it’s documentation on OpenLMI page.

We also assume that lmishell is connected to the CIMOM and the connection is stored in connection variable:

connection = connect("server", "username", "password")
ns = connection.root.cimv2

Enumeration of available power states

To see the available power states on given managed system, use following:

capabilities = ns.LMI_PowerManagementCapabilities.first_instance()
for state in capabilities.PowerStatesSupported:
    print ns.LMI_PowerManagementCapabilities.PowerStatesSupportedValues.value_name(state)

Setting the power state

Let’s say we want to power off the system gracefully:

# Check if the power state is available first
capabilities = ns.LMI_PowerManagementCapabilities.first_instance()
if not ns.LMI_PowerManagementCapabilities.PowerStatesSupportedValues.OffSoftGraceful in capabilities.PowerStatesSupported:
    print "OffSoftGraceful state is not supported"
# Get the PowerManagement service
service = ns.LMI_PowerManagementService.first_instance()
# Invoke the state change

Note that the job returned from this function is not much usable because when system is shutting down, the CIMOM is terminated as well.