Examples for common use cases listed below are written in lmishell.

Set up

OpenLMI Fan provider uses lm-sensors to find, observe and manage installed fans. In order to make the fans exposed to it, one operation needs to be done:


sensors-detect is a script shiped with lm_sensors package in Fedora which tries to load correct modules for various sensor devices found in system. It also writes a config used by sensors library which is utilised in this provider. Please refer to its sensors-detect (8) man-page.


Listing installed fans

c = connect("host", "user", "pass")
for fan in c.root.cimv2.LMI_Fan.instances():

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Getting fan’s speed

Current value can be read from CurrentReading property. It’s measured in revolutions per minute.

c = connect("host", "user", "pass")
for fan in c.root.cimv2.LMI_FanSensor.instances():
    print("%s:\t%s RPM" % (fan.Name, fan.CurrentReading))

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