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Subclass of CIM_MediaPartition

A DiskPartition is a presentation of a contiguous range of logical blocks that is identifiable by the Operating System by the associated DiskPartitionConfigurationCapabilities and by the properties of the subclasses of this class.

Each concrete partition style (the subclasses of GenericDiskPartition) has some way of tracking a starting block number and either the ending block or number of blocks. CIM models this with the StartingAddress and EndingAddress properties of the BasedOn association between the partition and its underlying volume/extent. The NumberOfBlocks and ConsumableBlocks properties inherited from StorageExtent also need to be consistent or omitted by the instrumentation. Partition numbers are modeled as BasedOn.OrderIndex.

Note that all the concrete DiskPartition instances BasedOn the same underlying extent) MUST share the same partition style (i.e. all must have the same subclass type).

The abstract qualifier can not be used on this class because its superclass is not abstract. But instances of subclasses this class should be instantiated, not instances of GenericDiskPartition itself.

Local properties


Local methods


Inherited properties

boolean Allocatable
uint16 Access
boolean Primordial
string SystemName
boolean ErrorCleared
uint16 Usage
string Status
datetime InstallDate
uint64 Generation
uint16 NameFormat
string InstanceID
string Purpose
boolean Extendable
boolean IsCompressed
string Name
boolean Bootable
uint64 BlockSize
boolean IsComposite
uint16 StatusInfo
string DeviceID
string Signature
string Caption
uint16[] ExtentStatus