Class reference

Subclass of CIM_StorageExtent

A MediaPartition is a presentation of a contiguous range of logical blocks and has identifying data written on/to it. It may include a signature written by the OS or by an application. This class is a common superclass for Disk and TapePartions. Partitions are directly realized by Physical Media (indicated by the RealizesExtent association) or built on StorageVolumes (indicated by the BasedOn association).

Local properties

boolean Allocatable

Boolean indicating that the Partition is available and may be allocated for use.

string SignatureAlgorithm

A free-form string describing the algorithm used to define the Partition Signature. The value of this property is dependent on the Signature’s State.

boolean Extendable

Boolean indicating that the Partition can be grown/extended without reformatting.

boolean Bootable

Boolean indicating that the Partition is labeled as bootable. (Note that this does not mean that an Operating System is actually loaded on the Partition.) With the advent of bootable Tape and other bootable media, this property is included in the higher level MediaPartition class, rather than in a subclass such as DiskPartition.

string Signature

An identifying string written to the Partition. Additional information related to this ‘Signature’ may be found in the properties, SignatureState and SignatureAlgorithm.

string SignatureState

An enumeration describing the state of the Partition’s identifying Signature string. Information such as “Uninitialized” (value=2), or “Assigned by Owning Application” (value=5) are possible entries.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Unimplemented
2 Uninitialized
3 Calculated by Operating System
4 Calculated by a Media Manager
5 Assigned by Owning Application

Local methods


Inherited properties

uint16 Access
boolean Primordial
string SystemName
boolean ErrorCleared
uint16 Usage
string Status
datetime InstallDate
uint64 Generation
uint16 NameFormat
string InstanceID
string Purpose
boolean IsCompressed
string Name
uint64 BlockSize
boolean IsComposite
uint16 StatusInfo
string DeviceID
string Caption
uint16[] ExtentStatus