class lmi.shell.LMICompleter.LMICompleter(namespace=None)

This LMIShell completer, which is used in the interactive mode, provides tab-completion for user friendliness.

Parameters:namespace (dictionary) – dictionary, where to perform a completion. If unspecified, the default namespace where completions are performed is __main__ (technically, __main__.__dict__).
Parameters:text (string) – expression to complete
Returns:list of attributes of a given expression; if the expression is instance of LMI wrapper class, its important properties/attributes/ methods/parameters will be added too
Return type:list of strings
complete(text, state)
  • text (string) – string to be completed.
  • state – order number of the completion, see rlcompleter

completed string

Parameters:text (string) – expression to complete
Returns:list of all keywords, built-in functions and names
Return type:list of strings