This section documents additional configuration options of OpenLMI-Software not covered by Configuration files.


All additional options listed here are specific to python implementation. C provider ignores them.

Apart from main configuration file /etc/openlmi/openlmi.conf, all software related settings are also read from


They take precedence over the settings from main configuration file.


Follows a list of valid options with sections enclosed in square brackets.

yum options

Options related to the use of yum API and its configuration.

[Yum] LockWaitInterval : defaults to 0.5
Number of seconds to wait before next try to lock yum package database. This applies, when yum database is locked by another process.
[Yum] FreeDatabaseTimeout = 60 : defaults to 60
Number of seconds to keep package cache in memory after the last use (caused by user request). Package cache takes up a lot of memory.

Log options

[Yum] FileConfig : defaults to empty string
This option overrides any other logging option. It provides complete control over what is logged, when and where. It’s a path to a logging configuration file with format specified in Configuration File Format. Path can be absolute or relative. In the latter case it’s relative to a directory of this configuration file.

YumWorkerLog options

This section is targeted mostly on developers of OpenLMI-Software provider. yum API is accessed exclusively from separated process called YumWorker. Because separated process can not send its log messages to CIMOM, its logging configuration needs to be configured extra.

[YumWorkerLog] OutputFile : defaults to empty string
This is an absolute or relative path to a file, where the logging will be done. Without this option set, logging of YumWorker is disabled (assuming the [YumWorkerLog] FileConfig option is also unset).
[YumWorkerLog] Level : defaults to DEBUG
This has generally the same meaning as Level in previous section (Log options). Except this affects only logging of YumWorker process.
[YumWorkerLog] FileConfig : defaults to empty string
Similar to the FileConfig option in Log options. This overrides any other option in this section.