Networking ProviderΒΆ


OpenLMI-Networking is CIM provider which manages local network devices. It exposes remotely accessible object-oriented API using WBEM set of protocols and technologies.


The API can be accessed by any WBEM-capable client. OpenLMI already provides:


  • Enumerate all network devices
  • Display current network IP configuration
  • Manage available settings
  • Settings activation/deactivation
  • Support for bridging and bonding

The provider is based on concept of settings – a network profile that can be applied to the network device(s).


For examples how to use OpenLMI-Networking provider remotely from :ref:`LMIShell <lmi_shell>`_, see usage of OpenLMI-Networking.


This provider is based on following DMTF standards:

The knowledge of these standards is not necessary, but it can help a lot.

Application developers and/or sysadmins should skip the DMTF standards and start at Networking API concepts.

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