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Subclass of CIM_RemoteServiceAccessPoint

SoftwareIdentityResource describes the URL of a file or other resource that contains all or part of of a SoftwareIdentity for use by the SoftwareInstallationService. For example, a CIM_SoftwareIdentity might consist of a meta data file, a binary executable file, and a installability checker file for some software on a system. This class allows a management client to selectively access the constituents of the install package to perform a check function, or retrieve some meta data information for the install package represented by the SoftwareIdentity class without downloading the entire package. SoftwareIdentityResources will be related to the SoftwareIdentity using the SAPAvailableForElement association.

Local properties

uint16 ExtendedResourceType

A enumerated integer that provides further information for ResourceType. It will set to 2 (‘Not Applicable’) if there is no extended information available.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
2 Not Applicable
3 Linux RPM
4 HP-UX Depot
5 Windows MSI
6 Solaris Package
7 Macintosh Disk Image
8 Debian linux Package
11 HP Smart Component
101..200 Vendor Reserved
201 HTML
202 PDF
203 Text File
DMTF Reserved
0x8000..0xFFFF Vendor Reserved

uint16 ResourceType

An enumerated integer that specifies the type of resource referenced by the RemoteServiceAccessPoint.AccessInfo property.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Installer and Payload
3 Installer
4 Payload
5 Installability checker
6 Security Advisory
7 Engineering Advisory
9 Technical release notes
10 Change notification
11 Whitepaper
12 Marketing Documentation
DMTF Reserved
0x8000..0xFFFF Vendor Reserved

string OtherResourceType

A string describing the file type when the instance’s ResourceType property is 1 (“Other”).

uint16 InfoFormat

A SoftwareIdentityResource will always be a URL.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Host Name
3 IPv4 Address
4 IPv6 Address
5 IPX Address
6 DECnet Address
7 SNA Address
8 Autonomous System Number
9 MPLS Label
10 IPv4 Subnet Address
11 IPv6 Subnet Address
12 IPv4 Address Range
13 IPv6 Address Range
100 Dial String
101 Ethernet Address
102 Token Ring Address
103 ATM Address
104 Frame Relay Address
200 URL
201 FQDN
202 User FQDN
205 Key ID
206 Parameterized URL
DMTF Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Reserved

Local methods


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