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Subclass of CIM_ServiceAccessPoint

RemoteServiceAccessPoint describes access or addressing information or a combination of this information for a remote connection that is known to a local network element. This information is scoped or contained by the local network element, because this is the context in which the connection is remote.

The relevance of the remote access point and information on its use are described by subclassing RemoteServiceAccessPoint or by associating to it.

Local properties

string AccessInfo

Access or addressing information or a combination of this information for a remote connection. This information can be a host name, network address, or similar information.

uint16 AccessContext

The AccessContext property identifies the role this RemoteServiceAccessPoint is playing in the hosting system.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Default Gateway
3 DNS Server
4 SNMP Trap Destination
5 MPLS Tunnel Destination
6 DHCP Server
7 SMTP Server
8 LDAP Server
9 Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server
10 Management Service
11 internet Storage Name Service (iSNS)
DMTF Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Reserved

string OtherInfoFormatDescription

Describes the format when the property InfoFormat is set to 1 (Other).

uint16 InfoFormat

An enumerated integer that describes the format and interpretation of the AccessInfo property.

206’Parameterized URL’- a URL containing ${parameterName} strings. Those strings are intended to be replaced in their entirety by the value of the named parameter. The interpretation of such parameters is not defined by this subclass.

As an example use: If a parameter named ‘CompanyURL’ has a value of ‘’ and the value of AccessInfo was ‘http:${CompanyURL}’, then the resultant URL is intended to be ‘‘.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Host Name
3 IPv4 Address
4 IPv6 Address
5 IPX Address
6 DECnet Address
7 SNA Address
8 Autonomous System Number
9 MPLS Label
10 IPv4 Subnet Address
11 IPv6 Subnet Address
12 IPv4 Address Range
13 IPv6 Address Range
100 Dial String
101 Ethernet Address
102 Token Ring Address
103 ATM Address
104 Frame Relay Address
200 URL
201 FQDN
202 User FQDN
205 Key ID
206 Parameterized URL
DMTF Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Reserved

string OtherAccessContext

When the AccessContext property contains a value of 1, “Other” then this is a free form string providing more information about the role of RemoteServiceAccessPoint in the hosting system.

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