Class reference

Subclass of CIM_LogicalPort

NetworkPort is the logical representation of network communications hardware such as a physical connector and the setup or operation of the network chips, at the lowest layers of a network stack.

Local properties

string OtherNetworkPortType

Note: The use of this property is deprecated in lieu of CIM_LogicalPort.PortType.

Deprecated description: The type of module, when PortType is set to 1 (“Other”.)

uint64 SupportedMaximumTransmissionUnit

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) that can be supported.

uint16 LinkTechnology

An enumeration of the types of links. When set to 1 (“Other”), the related property OtherLinkTechnology contains a string description of the type of link.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Ethernet
3 IB
4 FC
7 Token Ring
8 Frame Relay
9 Infrared
10 BlueTooth
11 Wireless LAN

uint16 PortNumber

NetworkPorts are often numbered relative to either a logical module or a network element.

string[] NetworkAddresses

An array of strings that indicates the network addresses for the port.

string PermanentAddress

PermanentAddress defines the network address that is hardcoded into a port. This ‘hardcoded’ address can be changed using a firmware upgrade or a software configuration. When this change is made, the field should be updated at the same time. PermanentAddress should be left blank if no ‘hardcoded’ address exists for the NetworkAdapter.

boolean FullDuplex

Boolean that indicates that the port is operating in full duplex mode.

uint64 ActiveMaximumTransmissionUnit

The active or negotiated maximum transmission unit (MTU) that can be supported.

boolean AutoSense

A Boolean that indicates whether the NetworkPort is capable of automatically determining the speed or other communications characteristics of the attached network media.

string OtherLinkTechnology

A string value that describes LinkTechnology when it is set to 1, “Other”.

uint64 Speed

The current bandwidth of the Port in Bits per Second. For ports that vary in bandwidth or for those where no accurate estimation can be made, this property should contain the nominal bandwidth.

Local methods