Class reference

Subclass of CIM_LogicalDevice

The abstraction of a port or connection point of a Device. This object should be instantiated when the Port has independent management characteristics from the Device that includes it. Examples are a Fibre Channel Port and a USB Port.

Local properties

uint64 MaxSpeed

The maximum bandwidth of the Port in Bits per Second.

uint16 PortType

PortType is defined to force consistent naming of the ‘type’ property in subclasses and to guarantee unique enum values for all instances of NetworkPort. When set to 1 (“Other”), related property OtherPortType contains a string description of the type of port. A range of values, DMTF_Reserved, has been defined that allows subclasses to override and define their specific types of ports.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Not Applicable
3..15999 DMTF Reserved
16000..65535 Vendor Reserved

uint16 UsageRestriction

In some circumstances, a LogicalPort might be identifiable as a front end or back end port. An example of this situation would be a storage array that might have back end ports to communicate with disk drives and front end ports to communicate with hosts. If there is no restriction on the use of the port, then the value should be set to ‘not restricted’.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
2 Front-end only
3 Back-end only
4 Not restricted

string OtherPortType

Describes the type of module, when PortType is set to 1 (“Other”).

uint64 Speed

The bandwidth of the Port in Bits per Second.

uint64 RequestedSpeed

The requested bandwidth of the Port in Bits per Second. The actual bandwidth is reported in LogicalPort.Speed.

Local methods