Software ProviderΒΆ


OpenLMI-Software is a CIM provider managing software packages on a Linux machine. It exposes remotely accessible object-oriented API using WBEM set of protocols and technologies.


The API can be accessed by any WBEM-capable client. OpenLMI already provides:


  • Enumerate installed and available packages.
  • Enumerate package repositories.
  • Package lookup.
  • Package installation.
  • Package removal.
  • Package update.
  • Package verification [*].
  • Enable and disable repository.

Currently, above can be performed on single packages only. Dependencies are resolved and installed when needed. However, whole system update is out of scope of this provider as of now.

[*]Available only for RPM packages.


Currently there are two implementations. The first is a stable one written in python and requiring YUM, therefore it can manage just RPM packages. Second one is written in C and uses PackageKit as a backend. It is unstable though.


There are several examples how to use OpenLMI-Software provider remotely from LMIShell:

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