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Subclass of CIM_PowerManagementService

A class derived from Service that describes power management functionality, hosted on a System. Whether this service might be used to affect the power state of a particular element is defined by the CIM_ServiceAvailable ToElement association.

Local properties


Local methods

uint32 RequestPowerStateChange (uint16 PowerState, CIM_ManagedElement ManagedElement, datetime Time, CIM_ConcreteJob Job, datetime TimeoutPeriod)

RequestPowerStateChange defines the desired power state of the managed element, and when the element should be put into that state. The RequestPowerStateChange method has five input parameters and a result code.

  • PowerState indicates the desired power state.
  • ManagedElement indicates the element whose state is set. This element SHOULD be associated to the service using the AssociatedPowerManagementService relationship.
  • Time indicates when the power state should be set, either as a regular date-time value or as an interval value (where the interval begins when the method invocation is received).
  • Job is a reference to the job if started.
  • TimeOutPeriod indicates the maximum amount of time a client is expects the transition to take.

See CIM_PowerStateCapabilities for descriptions of PowerState parameter enumerations.

ValueMap Values
0 Completed with No Error
1 Not Supported
2 Unknown or Unspecified Error
3 Cannot complete within Timeout Period
4 Failed
5 Invalid Parameter
6 In Use
DMTF Reserved
4096 Method Parameters Checked - Job Started
4097 Invalid State Transition
4098 Use of Timeout Parameter Not Supported
4099 Busy
4100..32767 Method Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Specific


IN uint16 PowerState

The power state for ManagedElement.

ValueMap Values
2 Power On
3 Sleep - Light
4 Sleep - Deep
5 Power Cycle (Off Soft)
6 Power Off - Hard
7 Hibernate
8 Power Off - Soft
9 Power Cycle (Off Hard)
10 Master Bus Reset
11 Diagnostic Interrupt (NMI)
12 Power Off - Soft Graceful
13 Power Off - Hard Graceful
14 Master Bus Reset Graceful
15 Power Cycle (Off - Soft Graceful)
16 Power Cycle (Off - Hard Graceful)
IN CIM_ManagedElement ManagedElement
ManagedElement indicates the element whose state is set.
IN datetime Time
Time parameter is not currently supported.
OUT CIM_ConcreteJob Job
Reference to the job.
IN datetime TimeoutPeriod
TimeoutPeriod is not currently supported.

Inherited properties