LogicalFile ProviderΒΆ


OpenLMI-LogicalFile is a CIM provider which provides a way to read information about files and directories. The provider also allows to traverse the file hierarchy and to create and remove empty directories.

The provider implements a part of the CIM System schema (sections “Local File Systems” and “Unix System”). It exposes remotely accessible object-oriented API using WBEM set of protocols and technologies.


The API can be accessed by any WBEM-capable client. OpenLMI already provides:


  • List files in a directory, incl. their SELinux contexts.
  • Create a directory.
  • Remove an empty directory.


Manipulation with files and directories is intentionally limited to creating and removing empty directories. This allows remote admins to to create a directory to mount a filesystem into it (using OpenLMI-Storage provider), while providing very little attack surface to potential attackers.


Following LMIShell example prints content of the root directory:

c = connect("localhost", "pegasus", "mypassword")
system = c.root.cimv2.PG_ComputerSystem.first_instance()
root = system.first_associator(AssocClass="LMI_RootDirectory")

# list all items in the root directory
files = root.associators(AssocClass="LMI_DirectoryContainsFile", Role="GroupComponent")
for file in files:
    print file.Name

More examples can be found in the Usage chapter.

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