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Subclass of CIM_FIFOPipeFile

FIFOPipeFile is a special type of LogicalFile that represents an interprocess FIFO (sometimes referred to as a “named pipe”). Operating systems use this convention to manage interprocess communication through processes reading and writing the FIFO. The FIFO can be accessed by unrelated processes, in contrast to the more well-known command line redirection mechanism (e.g. UNIX’s ‘ps -eaf | grep foo’, also known as an “unnamed pipe”). An exemplary operating system implementation (using the FIFO concept) is the UNIX S_IFIFO file type.

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Inherited properties

boolean Executable
string InstanceID
string CSName
boolean Readable
string Status
datetime LastAccessed
uint64 InUseCount
datetime LastModified
boolean Writeable
string Name
datetime InstallDate
string Caption
string FSName
uint64 Generation
uint64 FileSize
datetime CreationDate

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