Class reference

Subclass of CIM_ElementSettingData

ElementSettingData represents the association between ManagedElements and applicable setting data. This association also describes whether this is a default or current setting. Each non-null, non-key property of the associated SettingData instance defines a setting value for the associated ManagedElement. The properties, IsDefault, IsCurrent, IsNext, IsMinimum, IsMaximum, and IsPending further qualify those setting values.

Note: the referenced SettingData instance does not reflect the current desired state of the referenced ManagedElement unless IsCurrent = “Is Current”.

When IsMinimum and/or IsMaximum properties have the value “Is Minimum” or “Is Maximum” respectively, the referenced SettingData instance reflects desired minimum or maximum values respectively. When IsMinimum and IsMaximum have any other value, the referenced SettingData reflects actual desired values.

Key properties

Local properties

LMI_AccountSettingData SettingData

The default enforced setting for new Accounts

LMI_AccountManagementService ManagedElement

The Central Instance of Account management

Local methods


Inherited properties

uint16 IsMinimum
uint16 IsPending
uint16 IsNext
uint16 IsCurrent
uint16 IsMaximum
uint16 IsDefault

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