Class reference

Subclass of CIM_ManagedElement

SSSD domain.

Key properties

Local properties

boolean IsSubdomain

True if this is an autodiscovered subdomain.

string Realm

The Kerberos realm this domain is configured with.

string Name

Name of the domain.

string[] BackupServers

List of backup servers for this domain.

string ParentDomain

Name of the parent domain. It is not set if this domain is on top of the domain hierarchy.

string FullyQualifiedNameFormat

Format of fully qualified name this domain uses.

boolean UseFullyQualifiedNames

True if objects from this domain can be accessed only via fully qualified name.

uint32 MinId

Minimum UID and GID value for this domain.

string Provider

Main provider for this domain.

string[] PrimaryServers

List of primary servers for this domain.

string Forest

The domain forest this domain belongs to.

boolean Enumerate

True if this domain supports enumeration.

uint32 MaxId

Maximum UID and GID value for this domain.

string LoginFormat

The login format this domain expects.

Local methods


Inherited properties

string Caption
uint64 Generation
string InstanceID

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