Class reference

Subclass of CIM_ElementSettingData

This association connects mounted file system (representing a mount) with options of the mount.

If IsNext property of this association is 1 (‘Is Next’), the associated setting represents options of persistent mount stored in /etc/fstab. This setting will be applied on next machine reboot.

If IsCurrent property of this association is 1 (‘Is Current’), the associated setting represents currently active options of the mounted filesystem.

Key properties

Local properties

LMI_MountedFileSystemSetting SettingData

A setting attached to the mounted filesystem. Each filesystem can have two setting instances attached, one for currently mounted filesystem and one for a persistent setting (typically an fstab entry).

LMI_MountedFileSystem ManagedElement

A mounted filesystem.

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Inherited properties

uint16 IsMinimum
uint16 IsPending
uint16 IsNext
uint16 IsCurrent
uint16 IsMaximum
uint16 IsDefault

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