Class reference

Subclass of CIM_Capabilities

This class describes capabilities of associated LMI_MountConfigurationService. It can also be used to create new LMI_MountedFileSystemSetting.

Key properties

Local properties

uint16[] SupportedAsynchronousMethods

ValueMap Values
0 CreateMount
1 ModifyMount
2 DeleteMount

Local methods

uint32 CreateSetting (LMI_MountedFileSystemSetting MountSetting)

Method to create and populate an LMI_MountedFileSystemSetting instance. This removes the need to populate default settings and other settings in the context of each LMI_MountedFileSystemCapabilities (which could be numerous).

ValueMap Values
0 Success
1 Not Supported
2 Unspecified Error
3 Timeout
4 Failed
5 Invalid Parameter
DMTF Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Specific


OUT LMI_MountedFileSystemSetting MountSetting
Reference to the created setting instance.

Inherited properties

string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

Inherited methods