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Subclass of CIM_IPVersionSettingData

This SettingData instance represents an IP version. This instance can be associated to one or more CIM_ManagedElements (Eg. CIM_ComputerSystem or CIM_IPNetworkConnection) to respresent the IP version. The properties of the CIM_ElementSettingData can be used show the IPVersions that are configured as default, current or Next boot.

Key properties

Local properties

string ElementName

The user-friendly name for this instance of SettingData. In addition, the user-friendly name can be used as an index property for a search or query. (Note: The name does not have to be unique within a namespace.)

uint16 ChangeableType

Enumeration indicating the type of setting. 0 - Not Changeable - Persistent indicates the instance of SettingData represents primordial settings and shall not be modifiable. 1 - Changeable - Transient indicates the SettingData represents modifiable settings that are not persisted. Establishing persistent settings from transient settings may be supported. 2 - Changeable - Persistent indicates the SettingData represents a persistent configuration that may be modified. 3 - Not Changeable - Transient indicates the SettingData represents a snapshot of the settings of the associated ManagedElement and is not persistent.

ValueMap Values
0 Not Changeable - Persistent
1 Changeable - Transient
2 Changeable - Persistent
3 Not Changeable - Transient

uint16 ProtocolIFType

An enumeration that describes the IP version.

ValueMap Values
4096 IPv4
4097 IPv6

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Inherited properties

string SoOrgID
string SoID
string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

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