Class reference

Subclass of CIM_EnabledLogicalElementCapabilities

EnabledLogicalElementCapabilities describes the capabilities supported for changing the state of the assciated EnabledLogicalElement.

Key properties

Local properties

string ElementName

Human readable device name

boolean ElementNameEditSupported

Boolean indicating whether the ElementName can be modified.

Local methods

uint16 LMI_CreateIPSetting (string Caption, uint16 Type, uint16 IPv4Type, uint16 IPv6Type, CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData SettingData)

Creates a LMI_IPAssignmentSettingData instance or instance of its subclasses.

Caller can modify the setting via ModifyInstance instrinsic method. Created IPAssignmentSettingData will be associated with instance of LMI_IPNetworkConnection that this instance is associated with.

When both IPv4Type and IPv6Type is not 0 - Disabled, LMI_IPAssignmentSettingData instance with AddressOrigin = 11 (cumulative configuration) will be created and both LMI_IPAssignmentSettingData subclasses will be associated to it.

For types 4 - Bonding and 5 - Bridging the associated IPNetworkConnection will be enslaved by created SettingData(meaning that LMI_CreateSlaveSetting will be automatically called).

ValueMap Values
0 No Error
1 Unknown Error
2 Timeout
3 Wrong Parameter
4 Memory Allocation Failure
5 Backend Error
6 Not Implemented


IN string Caption
Name of the configuration
IN uint16 Type

Base type of the settings. Use this option to specify the type of setting. Currently supported are:

  • Ethernet - create ethernet connection. This is default value.- Bonding - create master connection for bonding- Bridging - create master connection for bridging
ValueMap Values
1 Ethernet
4 Bonding
5 Bridging
IN uint16 IPv4Type

Type of the setting for IPv4, default is 0 - Disabled.

ValueMap Values
0 Disabled
3 Static
IN uint16 IPv6Type

Type of the setting for IPv6, default is 0 - Disabled.

ValueMap Values
0 Disabled
3 Static
7 DHCPv6
9 Stateless
OUT CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData SettingData
Created setting data

uint16 LMI_CreateSlaveSetting (CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData MasterSettingData, CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData SettingData)

Add associated IPNetworkConnection to the given MasterSettingData. The MasterSettingData must have type 4 - Bonding or 5 - Bridging.


IN CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData MasterSettingData
SettingData to add IPNetworkConnection to.
OUT CIM_IPAssignmentSettingData SettingData
Created setting data

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