Class reference

Subclass of CIM_IPNetworkConnection

LMI_IPNetworkConnection represents the IP network connection in the system, Eg. “Local Area Connection”,”eth0”

Local properties

string ElementName

Human readable device name

uint16 OperatingStatus

OperatingStatus provides a current status value for the operational condition of the element. It can also provide the transitional states when an element is transitioning from one state to another.

OperatingStatus consists of one of the following values: Unknown, Not Available, Starting, Stopping, Stopped, Aborted, Dormant, In Service

  • Unknown indicates the implementation is in general capable of returning this property, but is unable to do so at this time.
  • Not Available indicates that the device is recognized, but not managed by implementation
  • Starting describes an element being initialized.
  • Stopping describes an element being brought to an orderly stop.
  • Stopped describes an element can be activate, but is currently idle
  • Aborted indicates that the element is unable to complete requested action (usually activate the connection).
  • Dormant indicates that the element is not available to use. Reasons might include the wireless switched off, missing firmware, no ethernet carrier, missing supplicant or modem manager, etc.
  • In Service describes an element that is in service and operational.
ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Not Available
3 Starting
4 Stopping
5 Stopped
6 Aborted
7 Dormant
16 In Service

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