Class reference

Subclass of CIM_Group

The Group class is used to collect ManagedElements that are intended to be conformant with an LDAP GroupOfNames, as defined by IETF RFC 2256. For other purposes, ConcreteCollection, or other subclasses of Collection, may be more appropriate.

This class is defined so as to incorporate commonly-used LDAP attributes to permit implementations to easily derive this information from LDAP-accessible directories. This class’s properties are a subset of a related class, OtherGroupInformation, which defines all the group properties and in array form for directory compatibility.

Key properties

Local properties


Local methods

uint32 DeleteGroup ()

Delete the group. The group is not deleted if it is a primary group of a user.

ValueMap Values
0 Operation completed successfully
1 Failed
DMTF Reserved
4096 Non existing group
4097 Group is primary group of a user



Inherited properties

string Name
string InstanceID
string CommonName
uint64 Generation
string Caption

Inherited methods