Class reference

Subclass of CIM_FileSystemCapabilities

FileSystemCapabilities specifies the combination of properties that a FileSystemService can support when creating or maintaining FileSystems. Each supported combination of properties is specified by a FileSystemSetting that is associated with the FileSystemCapabilities element via ElementSettingData.

A FileSystemCapabilities element specifies the properties supported when using it.

This class does not provide a CreateGoal method! Use CreateSetting instead, which works similarly to LMI_StorageCapabilities.CreateSetting.

Key properties

Local properties

uint16[] SupportedProperties

An array of property names of the Setting that this Capabilities element supports. The Object-related parameters are not specified because they must always be supported even if not used.

ValueMap Values
2 DataExtentsSharing
3 CopyTarget
4 FilenameCaseAttributes
5 FilenameStreamFormats
6 FilenameFormats
7 LockingSemantics
8 AuthorizationProtocols
9 AuthenticationProtocols
10 Persistence
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Defined

uint16[] SupportedPersistenceTypes

Deprecated! An array of enumerated values representing the persistence capabilities of the FileSystem. A value of “Persistent” indicates that the FileSystem supports persistence, can be preserved through an orderly shutdown and could be protected. A value of “Temporary” indicates that the FileSystem supports non-persistence, may not be protected and may not survive a shutdown. A value of “External” indicates that the FileSystem could controlled outside of the operating environment and may need to be protected by specialized means. A value of “Other” is provided to allow for additional persistence types, to be described in the OtherPersistenceType attribute, and is expected to be rarely, if ever, used.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Persistent
3 Temporary
4 External

uint16 ActualFileSystemType

An enumerated value that indicates the file system implementation type supported by this Capabilities.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
5 FAT16
6 FAT32
10 AFS
11 EXT2
12 EXT3
DMTF Reserved
32769 EXT4
32770 BTRFS
32771 JFS
32772 TMPFS
32773 VFAT

Local methods

uint16 LMI_CreateSetting (LMI_FileSystemSetting Setting)

Creates a supported FileSystemSetting. Caller can modify the setting via ModifyInstance intrinsic method.Unlike CIM standard CreateGoal, LMI_CreateSetting works with references to LMI_FileSystemSetting stored on the CIMOM, not with embedded instances and does not require iterating through several CreateGoal calls. The functionality is very similar to CIM_StorageCapabilities and CIM_StorageSetting.

ValueMap Values
0 Success
1 Not Supported
4 Failed


OUT LMI_FileSystemSetting Setting
Created setting.

Inherited properties