Class reference

Subclass of CIM_EthernetPort

Capabilities and management of an EthernetPort.

Local properties

uint64 MaxSpeed

The maximum bandwidth of the Port in Bits per Second.

string ElementName

A user-friendly name for the object.

uint16 LinkTechnology

An enumeration of the types of links. When set to 1 (“Other”), the related property OtherLinkTechnology contains a string description of the type of link.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Ethernet
3 IB
4 FC
7 Token Ring
8 Frame Relay
9 Infrared
10 BlueTooth
11 Wireless LAN

string[] NetworkAddresses

Ethernet/802.3 MAC addresses formatted as twelve hexadecimal digits (for example, 010203040506), with each pair representing one of the six octets of the MAC address in canonical bit order. (Therefore, the Group address bit is found in the low order bit of the first character of the string.)

string PermanentAddress

PermanentAddress defines the network address that is hardcoded into a port. This ‘hardcoded’ address can be changed using a firmware upgrade or a software configuration. When this change is made, the field should be updated at the same time. PermanentAddress should be left blank if no ‘hardcoded’ address exists for the NetworkAdapter.

Local methods