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Subclass of CIM_DeviceSAPImplementation

An association between a ServiceAccessPoint (SAP) and how it is implemented. The cardinality of this association is many-to-many. A SAP can be provided by more than one LogicalDevice, operating in conjunction. And, any Device can provide more than one ServiceAccessPoint. When many LogicalDevices are associated with a single SAP, it is assumed that these elements operate in conjunction to provide the AccessPoint. If different implementations of a SAP exist, each of these implementations would result in individual instantiations of the ServiceAccessPoint object. These individual instantiations would then have associations to the unique implementations.

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LMI_DiskDriveATAProtocolEndpoint Dependent

The ServiceAccessPoint implemented using the LogicalDevice.

LMI_DiskDriveATAPort Antecedent

The LogicalDevice.

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