Class reference

Subclass of CIM_Account

Class representing Linux Account

Local properties

string HomeDirectory

User’s home directory

datetime AccountExpiration

The date of expiration of the account.

datetime PasswordLastChange

The date when was password last changed

string[] UserPassword

In the case of an LDAP-derived instance, the UserPassword property may contain an encrypted password used to access the person’s resources in a directory.

When an instance of CIM_Account is retrieved and the underlying account has a valid password, the value of the CIM_Account.UserPassword property shall be an array of length zero to indicate that the account has a password configured.

When the underlying account does not have a valid password, the CIM_Account.UserPassword property shall be NULL.

string GroupID

The ID of a primary group that represents the identity.

string LoginShell

User’s login shell

datetime PasswordPossibleChange

Minimum number of days between password change

datetime PasswordExpirationWarning

Number of days of warning before password expires

datetime PasswordInactivation

Maximum number of days between password change

Local methods

uint32 DeleteUser (boolean DontDeleteHomeDirectory, boolean DontDeleteGroup, boolean Force)

Delete the user. Along with the user, the home directory and user’s primary group are deleted. If the user is not owner of the home directory it is not deleted. However this directory can be deleted if force parameter is set to True. If the home directory couldn’t be deleted, no error is returned to be able to remove the user even when its home directory is inaccessible (e.g. unreachable NFS mount).

ValueMap Values
0 Operation completed successfully
1 Failed
DMTF Reserved
4096 Non existing user
4097 Unable to delete Home Direcotry (currently unused)
4098 Unable to remove user, home directory removed
4099 Unable to remove group, user and home directory removed


IN boolean DontDeleteHomeDirectory
By default the user’s home directory is deleted. Set to true to not delete the home directory.
IN boolean DontDeleteGroup
By default the user’s private group, if the user has one, is deleted. Set to true to not delete the group.
IN boolean Force
Force the deletion of user’s home directory, even if the user is not an owner.

uint32 ChangePassword (string Password)

Change the user’s password.

ValueMap Values
0 Operation completed successfully
1 Failed


IN string Password
Plaintext string to which set the password; provider will encrypt the string using the default crypto algorithm

Inherited methods