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Subclass of CIM_LogicalElement

The UnixFile class holds properties that are valid for various subclasses of LogicalFile, in a Unix environment. This is defined as a separate and unique class since it is applicable to Unix files, directories, etc. It is associated via a FileIdentity relationship to these subclasses of LogicalFile. Unless this approach of creating and associating a separate class is used, it is necessary to subclass each of the inheritance hierarchies under LogicalFile, duplicating the properties in this class. The referenced _PC* and _POSIX* constants are defined in unistd.h. Some properties indicate whether the UNIX implementation support a feature such as asynchronous I/O or priority I/O. If supported, sysconf returns the value as defined in the appropriate header file such as unistd.h. If a feature is not supported, then pathconf returns a -1. In this case, the corresponding property should be returned without any value.

Local properties

boolean SetUid

Indicates whether the associated file has setuid permissions.

string CSName

The scoping ComputerSystem’s Name.

string UserID

An Identifer that uniquely describes the owner of this file.

uint64 PosixAsyncIo

Indicates whether asynchronous input or output operations may be performed for the associated file.

uint64 NameMax

Maximum number of bytes in a filename, not including terminating null.

string FSCreationClassName

The scoping FileSystem’s CreationClassName.

uint64 PosixSyncIo

Indicates whether synchronised input or output operations may be performed for the associated file.

string LFCreationClassName

The scoping LogicalFile’s CreationClassName.

string GroupID

An identifier that describes the group that owns this file.

uint64 PosixPrioIo

Indicates whether prioritized input or output operations may be performed for the associated file.

string FSName

The scoping FileSystem’s Name.

boolean SetGid

Indicates whether the associated file has setgid permissions.

string LFName

The scoping LogicalFile’s Name.

uint64 PathMax

Maximum number of bytes in a pathname, including the terminating null character.

uint64 LinkCount

Count of the number of names for this file.

uint64 LinkMax

Maximum number of links to a single file.

uint64 PosixNoTrunc

Indicates whether pathname components longer than NameMax generate an error.

string FileInodeNumber

File Inode number, as printed by “ls -i”.

datetime LastModifiedInode

The time that the Inode was last modified. This includes the Inode creation time, state modification, and etc.

string CSCreationClassName

The scoping ComputerSystem’s CreationClassName.

uint64 PosixChownRestricted

The use of chown() is restricted to a process with appropriate privileges. chown() is used to change the group ID of a file. The group ID can be changed to the effective group ID or one of its supplementary group IDs.

boolean SaveText

Indicates restricted deletion for directories, or possible implementation defined properties for executable files. For directories this is known as the sticky bit.

Local methods


Inherited properties

string InstanceID
string Status
string Name
datetime InstallDate
string Caption
uint64 Generation

Inherited methods