Class reference

Subclass of CIM_DeviceFile

DeviceFile is a special type of LogicalFile that represents a Device. This class is a specialization of DeviceFile for a Unix environment.

Local properties

uint16 DeviceFileType

The type of device file.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Block
3 Character

string OtherTypeDescription

Additional information when the DeviceFileType property is set to “Other”.

string DeviceDescription

Additional information provided by the driver. This property may be null if no information is available, or a general description of the device when available, e.g. “Non-rewind tape streamer”.

string DeviceMinor

The Device’s Minor Id.

string DeviceMajor

The Device’s Major Id.

string DeviceId

The device Identifier: this is the st_rdev field in the stat structure.

Local methods


Inherited properties

boolean Executable
string InstanceID
string CSName
boolean Readable
string Status
datetime LastAccessed
uint64 InUseCount
datetime LastModified
uint64 FileSize
boolean Writeable
string Name
datetime InstallDate
string Caption
string FSName
uint64 Generation
datetime CreationDate

Inherited methods