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Subclass of CIM_Component

CIM_SystemComponent is a specialization of the CIM_Component association that establishes ‘part of’ relationships between a System and any ManagedSystemElements of which it is composed.

Use this association with caution when using it instead of a subclass such as SystemDevice or a peer association such as HostedService. This class is very broadly defined, which can lead to erroneous use. For example, Access Points that are dependent on (and hosted on) a System are NOT Components of the System. The System is not made up of any AccessPoint ‘parts’, which is why a Dependency association, HostedAccessPoint, was defined. Similarly, a PhysicalPackage is not a ‘part’ of a System, because the physical element exists independently of any internal components, software, and so on. In fact, again, a Dependency relationship is true where a ComputerSystem is Dependent on its packaging, as described by the ComputerSystemPackage association.

Local properties

CIM_System GroupComponent

The parent System in the Association.

CIM_ManagedSystemElement PartComponent

The child element that is a component of a System.

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