Class reference

Subclass of CIM_Capabilities

An instance of this class defines the specific support for the metered elements and methods for retrieving that statistical data from a StatisticsService.

Key properties

Local properties

uint16[] SynchronousMethodsSupported

The synchronous mechanisms supported for retrieving statistics and defining and modifying filters for statistics retrieval.

ValueMap Values
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

uint16[] ElementTypesSupported

The list of element types for which statistical data is available. This property may not be meaningful if the StatisticsService these capabilities describe does not support StatisticalData instances for different types of elements.

uint16[] AsynchronousMethodsSupported

The asychronous mechanisms supported for retrieving statistics.

ValueMap Values
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

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string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

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