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CIM_ServiceAvailableToElement conveys the semantics of a Service that is available for the use of a ManagedElement. An example of an available Service is that a Processor and an enclosure (a PhysicalElement) can use AlertOnLAN Services to signal an incomplete or erroneous boot. In reality, AlertOnLAN is simply a HostedService on a computer system that is generally available for use and is not a dependency of the processor or enclosure. To describe that the use of this service might be restricted or have limited availability or applicability, the CIM_ServiceAvailableToElement association would be instantiated between the Service and specific CIM_Processors and CIM_Chassis.

Local properties

CIM_ManagedElement UserOfService

The ManagedElement that can use the Service.

CIM_Service ServiceProvided

The Service that is available.

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