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Subclass of CIM_Dependency

Describes an element’s knowledge regarding accessing other (i.e., remote) Servers and Systems.

Key properties

Local properties

CIM_EnabledLogicalElement Dependent

The EnabledLogicalElement which has knowledge of the remote server or system.

CIM_RemoteServiceAccessPoint Antecedent

The remote server or system.

uint16 OrderOfAccess

When an element is accessing remote services and systems, it MAY be necessary to order those accesses. This property defines that ordering - where lower numbers indicate a higher priority for access. A value of 0 (default) indicates that ordering does not apply. If multiple RemoteAccessPoint instances have the same value for OrderOfAccess, then these AccessPoints MAY be used in any sequence defined by the implementation.

boolean IsDefault

Indicates that this access information is defined as a default configuration for the system.

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