Class reference

Subclass of CIM_UserDevice

PointingDevice represents those Devices used to ‘point’ to regions of a Display.

Local properties

uint16 Handedness

Integer indicating whether the PointingDevice is configured for right (value=2) or left handed operation (value=3). Also, the values, “Unknown” (0) and “Not Applicable” (1), can be defined.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Not Applicable
2 Right Handed Operation
3 Left Handed Operation

uint8 NumberOfButtons

Number of buttons. If the PointingDevice has no buttons, enter 0.

uint16 PointingType

The type of the pointing device.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Unknown
3 Mouse
4 Track Ball
5 Track Point
6 Glide Point
7 Touch Pad
8 Touch Screen
9 Mouse - Optical Sensor

uint32 Resolution

Tracking resolution of the PointingDevice in Counts per Inch.

Local methods