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Subclass of CIM_PhysicalPackage

PhysicalFrame is a superclass of Rack, Chassis and other frame enclosures, as they are defined in extension classes. Properties like visible or audible alarm, and data related to security breaches are in this superclass.

Key properties

Local properties

uint16 SecurityBreach

SecurityBreach is an enumerated, integer-valued property indicating whether a physical breach of the Frame was attempted but unsuccessful (value=4) or attempted and successful (5). Also, the values, “Unknown”, “Other” or “No Breach”, can be specified.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Unknown
3 No Breach
4 Breach Attempted
5 Breach Successful

boolean AudibleAlarm

Boolean indicating whether the Frame is equipped with an audible alarm.

boolean LockPresent

Boolean indicating whether the Frame is protected with a lock.

string BreachDescription

BreachDescription is a free-form string providing more information if the SecurityBreach property indicates that a breach or some other security-related event occurred.

string[] ServiceDescriptions

An array of free-form strings providing more detailed explanations for any of the entries in the Service Philosophy array. Note, each entry of this array is related to the entry in ServicePhilosophy that is located at the same index.

boolean VisibleAlarm

Boolean indicating that the equipment includes a visible alarm.

uint16[] ServicePhilosophy

ServicePhilosophy is an enumerated, integer-valued array that indicates whether the Frame is serviced from the top (value=2), front (3), back (4) or side (5), whether it has sliding trays (6) or removable sides (7), and/or whether the Frame is moveable (8), for example, having rollers.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Service From Top
3 Service From Front
4 Service From Back
5 Service From Side
6 Sliding Trays
7 Removable Sides
8 Moveable

boolean IsLocked

Boolean indicating that the Frame is currently locked.

string CableManagementStrategy

CableManagementStrategy is a free-form string that contains information on how the various cables are connected and bundled for the Frame. With many networking, storage-related and power cables, cable management can be a complex and challenging endeavor. This string property contains information to aid in assembly and service of the Frame.

Local methods


Inherited properties

boolean HotSwappable
string SKU
string InstanceID
real32 Width
boolean Removable
string PartNumber
string Status
boolean CanBeFRUed
boolean Replaceable
string Tag
string Name
datetime InstallDate
boolean PoweredOn
string Caption
real32 Depth
string Model
real32 Weight
uint64 Generation
real32 Height
string Version

Inherited methods