Class reference

Subclass of CIM_StorageExtent

A LogicalDisk is a presentation of a contiguous range of logical blocks that is identifiable by applications such as filesystems via the Name field. (DeviceID (key) may use the same name or some other unique text such as a UUID.) For example in a Windows environment, the Name field may contain a drive letter. In a Unix environment, it may contain the access path (for example, ‘/dev/...’); and in a NetWare environment, may contain the volume name. LogicalDisks are typically built on a DiskPartition or other LogicalDisks (for instance, those exposed by a software volume manager). However, it can be based on other StorageExtents, like CIM_Memory, in the case of a RAM disk.

LogicalDisks SHOULD set the ‘Exported’ value in ExtentStatus[] if they are intended for application use.

Local properties

uint16[] ClientSettableUsage

Indicates which values from the “Usage” value map can be manipulated by a client using the method”StorageConfigurationService.RequestUsageChange”.

uint16 Usage

Indicates the intended usage or any restrictions that may have been imposed on the usage of this component. All ValueMap/Values entries are defined in CIM_StorageExtent. To promote interoperability across subclasses, all new entries for this class shall be defined there.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Unrestricted
3 Reserved for ComputerSystem (the block server)
4 Reserved by Replication Services
5 Reserved by Migration Services
6 Local Replica Source
7 Remote Replica Source
8 Local Replica Target
9 Remote Replica Target
10 Local Replica Source or Target
11 Remote Replica Source or Target
12 Delta Replica Target
13 Element Component
14 Reserved to be Unrestricted Pool Contributor
15 Composite Volume Member
16 Composite LogicalDisk Member
17 Reserved for Sparing
18 In use as Unrestricted Pool Contributor
19 Reserved to be Delta Replica Pool Contributor
20 Reserved to be Local Replication Pool Contributor
21 Reserved to be Remote Replication Pool Contributor
22 In use as Delta Replica Pool Contributor
23 In use as Local Replication Pool Contributor
24 In use as Remote Replication Pool Contributor
DMTF Reserved
32768..65535 Vendor Reserved

uint64 NumExtentsMigrating

The number of Extents in the process of migrating for this logical disk when the logical disk relocation is on going.

uint16 NameFormat

LogicalDisk names shall use OS Device Name format.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
12 OS Device Name

string OtherUsageDescription

Populated when “Usage” has the value of “Other”.

boolean ThinlyProvisioned

True if the logical disk is thinly provisioned.

uint16 NameNamespace

LogicalDisk names shall use OS Device Namespace.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
8 OS Device Namespace

Local methods


Inherited properties

boolean IsCompressed
uint16 Access
boolean Primordial
string SystemName
string Status
datetime InstallDate
uint64 Generation
boolean ErrorCleared
string InstanceID
string Purpose
string Name
uint64 BlockSize
string Caption
boolean IsComposite
uint16 StatusInfo
string DeviceID
uint16[] ExtentStatus