Class reference

Subclass of CIM_ProtocolEndpoint

A communication endpoint which, when its associated interface device is connected to a LAN, may send and receive data frames. LANEndpoints include Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI interfaces.

Local properties

string[] GroupAddresses

Multicast addresses to which the LANEndpoint listens.

uint16 LANType

Deprecated! An indication of the kind of technology used on the LAN. This property is deprecated in lieu of ProtocolType, which is an enumeration inherited from ProtocolEndpoint and which includes the Values specified here.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Other
2 Ethernet
3 TokenRing

string[] AliasAddresses

Other unicast addresses that may be used to communicate with the LANEndpoint.

uint32 MaxDataSize

The largest information field that may be sent or received by the LANEndpoint.

string LANID

A label or identifier for the LAN Segment to which the Endpoint is connected. If the Endpoint is not currently active/connected or this information is not known, then LANID is NULL.

uint16 ProtocolIFType

ProtocolIFType’s enumeration is limited to Layer 2-related and reserved values for this subclass of ProtocolEndpoint.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
6 Ethernet CSMA/CD
9 ISO 802.5 Token Ring
225..4095 IANA Reserved
4301..32767 DMTF Reserved
32768.. Vendor Reserved

string MACAddress

The principal unicast address used in communication with the LANEndpoint. The MAC address is formatted as twelve hexadecimal digits (e.g., “010203040506”), with each pair representing one of the six octets of the MAC address in “canonical” bit order according to RFC 2469.

string OtherLANType

Deprecated! A free-form string that describes the type of technology used on the LAN when the value of the LANType property is equal to 1 (i.e., “Other”). This property is deprecated since its purpose overlaps with OtherTypeDescription, which which is inherited from ProtocolEndpoint.

Local methods