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Subclass of CIM_Collection

The Group class is used to collect ManagedElements that are intended to be conformant with an LDAP GroupOfNames, as defined by IETF RFC 2256. For other purposes, ConcreteCollection, or other subclasses of Collection, may be more appropriate.

This class is defined so as to incorporate commonly-used LDAP attributes to permit implementations to easily derive this information from LDAP-accessible directories. This class’s properties are a subset of a related class, OtherGroupInformation, which defines all the group properties and in array form for directory compatibility.

Key properties

Local properties

string Name

The Name property defines the label by which the object is known. In the case of an LDAP-derived instance, the Name property value may be set to the distinguished name of the LDAP-accessed object instance.

string BusinessCategory

The BusinessCategory property may be used to describe the kind of business activity performed by the members of the group.

string CommonName

A Common Name is a (possibly ambiguous) name by which the group is commonly known in some limited scope (such as an organization) and conforms to the naming conventions of the country or culture with which it is associated.

string CreationClassName

CreationClassName indicates the name of the class or the subclass used in the creation of an instance. When used with the other key properties of this class, this property allows all instances of this class and its subclasses to be uniquely identified.

Local methods


Inherited properties

string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

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