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Subclass of CIM_GenericDiskPartition

GPT is a newer partitioning style that supports volumes larger than the 2 terabyte max of other partition styles. GPT in general is associated with PC X86 architectures, but GPT partitions are OS and platform independent. GPT uses 16 byte GUIDs (Globally Unique IDs) for certain properties. The DeviceId property inherited from LogicalDevice should be a GUID for GPTDiskPartitions; this string property should be formatted as a 32 character string with two text bytes representing each binary byte. GPT specifications call for a Protective MBR table (PMBR) in block 0 followed by an GPT (GUID Partition Table). The MBR must describe a single active partition - the GPT Partition that occupies the rest of the disk. The user only sees the GPT style partitions in this second MBR partition. This could be modelled as two tiers, but since the specification requires this precise behavior with no management at the MBR level, only the GPT style partitions are exposed through the CIM model.

Local properties

string PartitionType

The PartitionType as defined in the GPT specs and platform specific documentation - GUID format. This string property MUST be formatted with two text bytes representing each binary byte.

Local methods


Inherited properties

uint64 BlockSize
boolean Allocatable
uint16 Access
boolean Primordial
string SystemName
boolean ErrorCleared
uint16 Usage
string Status
datetime InstallDate
uint64 Generation
uint16 NameFormat
string InstanceID
string Purpose
boolean Extendable
boolean IsCompressed
string Name
boolean Bootable
boolean IsComposite
uint16 StatusInfo
string DeviceID
string Signature
string Caption
uint16[] ExtentStatus