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Subclass of CIM_Check

FileSpecification identifies a file that is either to be on or off the system. The file is to be located in the directory identified in FileName, or by the CIM_Directory SpecificationFile association. When the Invoke methods are executed, it is expected that they will use a combination of information to check for file existence. Therefore, any of the properties with a NULL value are not checked. So, if only the FileName and MD5Checksum properties have values, they are the only ones considered by the Invoke methods.

Local properties

uint32 CRC2

The CRC2 property is the CRC value for the middle 512K bytes of the file, modulo 3.

uint32 CRC1

The CRC1 property is the CRC value calculated using the middle 512K bytes of the file.

uint32 CheckSum

A checksum calculated as the 16-bit sum of the first 32 bytes of the file.

string FileName

Either the name of the file or the name of the file with a directory prefix.

datetime CreateTimeStamp

The creation date and time of the file.

uint64 FileSize

The size of the file in Kilobytes.

string MD5Checksum

The MD5 algorithm is a well-known algorithm for computing a 128-bit checksum for any file or object. For purposes of MOF specification of the MD5Checksum property, the MD5 algorithm always generates a 32 character string. For example: The string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz generates the string c3fcd3d76192e4007dfb496cca67e13b. See http: // - RFC1321 for details on the // implementation of the MD5 algorithm.

Local methods


Inherited properties

string CheckID
string Version
string Name
string InstanceID
boolean CheckMode
string Caption
uint64 Generation

Inherited methods