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Subclass of CIM_DeviceConnection

The ControlledBy relationship indicates which Devices are controlled by a CIM_Controller.

Key properties

Local properties

CIM_Controller Antecedent

The Controller.

uint32 NumberOfSoftResets

Number of soft resets issued by the Controller. A soft reset does not completely clear current Device state or data. Exact semantics are dependent on the Device and on the protocols and mechanisms used to communicate with the Device.

CIM_LogicalDevice Dependent

The controlled Device.

uint16 AccessMode

This property describes the accessibility of the device through the antecedent controller.

ValueMap Values
2 ReadWrite
3 ReadOnly
4 NoAccess

uint16 AccessPriority

The property describes the priority given to accesses of the device through this controller. The highest priority path will have the lowest value for this parameter.

string DeviceNumber

Address of associated Device in context of the antecedent Controller.

datetime TimeOfDeviceReset

The time that the downstream Device was last reset by the Controller.

uint32 NumberOfHardResets

Number of hard resets issued by the Controller. A hard reset returns the Device to its initialization or boot-up state. All internal Device state information and data are lost.

uint16 AccessState

The State property indicates whether the Controller is actively commanding or accessing the Device (value=1) or not (value=2). Also, the value, “Unknown” (0), can be defined. This information is necessary when a LogicalDevice can be commanded by, or accessed through, multiple Controllers.

ValueMap Values
0 Unknown
1 Active
2 Inactive

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