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Subclass of CIM_SystemSpecificCollection

The BlockStatisticsManifestCollection class aggregates, via MemberOfCollection, a set of BlockStatisticsManifests. This collection is associated via AssociatedBlockStatisticsManifestCollection to exactly one StatisticsCollection. The BlockStatisticsManifestCollection is used to filter the retrieval of statistics. For example, a BlockStatisticsManifestCollection is specified as part of the StatisticsService.GetStatisticsCollection method to filter the statistics returned by that method.

Key properties

Local properties

string ElementName

A user-friendly name for the BlockStatisticsManifestCollection. It can be set through the ElementName parameter of the StatisticsService.CreateManifestCollection method.

boolean IsDefault

Denotes whether or not this BlockStatisticsManifestCollection is a provider defined default BlockStatisticsManifestCollection.

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Inherited properties

string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

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