Class reference

Subclass of CIM_StatisticsCapabilities

A specialization of the StatisticsCapabilities class that describes the capabilities of a BlockStatisticsService, which provides statistical data for instances of BlockStatisticalData.

Key properties

Local properties

uint16[] SynchronousMethodsSupported

The synchronous mechanisms supported for retrieving statistics and defining and modifying filters for statistics retrieval.

ValueMap Values
2 Execute Query
3 Query Collection
4 GetStatisticsCollection
5 Manifest Creation
6 Manifest Modification
7 Manifest Removal
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

uint16[] ElementTypesSupported

The list of element types for which statistical data is available. The values of this array correspond to the values defined for the ElementType property of the BlockStatisticalData class.

ValueMap Values
2 Computer System
3 Front-end Computer System
4 Peer Computer System
5 Back-end Computer System
6 Front-end Port
7 Back-end Port
8 Volume
9 Extent
10 Disk Drive
11 Arbitrary LUs
12 Remote Replica Group
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

uint16[] AsynchronousMethodsSupported

The asychronous mechanisms supported for retrieving statistics.

ValueMap Values
2 GetStatisticsCollection
3 Indications
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

uint16[] SupportedFeatures

SupportedFeatures is an array identifying features supported by the implementation. The valid values are “2” (none) or “3” (Client Defined Sequence). If “2” is specified, then no other entry may be included. If “3” is specified, it indicates client may define, in the manifest, the sequence in which the requested properties are returned.

ValueMap Values
2 none
3 Client Defined Sequence
DMTF Reserved
0x8000.. Vendor Specific

uint64 ClockTickInterval

An internal clocking interval for all timers in the subsystem, measured in microseconds (Unit of measure in the timers, measured in microseconds). Time counters are monotanically increasing counters that contain ‘ticks’. Each tick represents one ClockTickInterval. If ClockTickInterval contained a value of 32 then each time counter tick would represent 32 microseconds.

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Inherited properties

string InstanceID
uint64 Generation
string Caption

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