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Subclass of CIM_SoftwareFeature

BIOSFeature represents the capabilities of the low-level software that is used to bring up and configure a Computer System.

Local properties

string[] CharacteristicDescriptions

An array of free-form strings providing more detailed explanations for any of the BIOS features indicated in the Characteristics array. Note, each entry of this array is related to the entry in the Characteristics array that is located at the same index.

uint16[] Characteristics

An array of integers that specify the features supported by the BIOS. For example, one can specify that PnP capabilities are provided (value=9) or that infrared devices are supported (21). Values specified in the enumeration are taken from both DMI and SMBIOS (the Type 0 structure, the BIOS Characteristics and BIOS Characteristics Extension Bytes attributes.

ValueMap Values
1 Other
2 Unknown
3 Undefined
4 ISA Support
5 MCA Support
6 EISA Support
7 PCI Support
8 PCMCIA Support
9 PnP Support
10 APM Support
11 Upgradeable BIOS
12 BIOS Shadowing Allowed
13 VL VESA Support
14 ESCD Support
15 LS-120 Boot Support
16 ACPI Support
17 I2O Boot Support
18 USB Legacy Support
19 AGP Support
20 PC Card
21 IR
22 1394
23 I2C
24 Smart Battery
25 ATAPI ZIP Drive Boot Support
26 1394 Boot Support
27 Boot from CD
28 Selectable Boot
29 BIOS ROM is Socketed
30 Boot from PCMCIA
31 EDD Specification Support
160 PC-98

Local methods


Inherited properties

string Status
string Vendor
string Name
string Caption
string InstanceID
string Version
uint64 Generation
datetime InstallDate

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