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Subclass of CIM_ElementAllocatedFromPool

AllocatedFromStoragePool is an association describing how LogicalElements are allocated from underlying StoragePools. These elements typically would be subclasses of StorageExtents or StoragePools.

Local properties

CIM_LogicalElement Dependent

The subsidiary element.

CIM_StoragePool Antecedent

The StoragePool.

uint16 SpaceLimitWarningThreshold

If the associated storage element may dynamically consume an increasing amount of space and a space limit is enforced on the element, then a non-zero warning threshold percentage indicates when a warning indication should be generated based on SpaceConsumed >= (SpaceLimit*SpaceLimitWarningThreshold)/100.

uint64 SpaceLimit

SpaceLimit is the consumption limit for the allocated storage element from the associated StoragePool. If SpaceLimt is greater than zero, the assumption is that the storage element can grow, (for instance an element representing the storage for a delta replica)

If SpaceLimit is greater than zero, SpaceConsumed shall not exceed the value of SpaceLimit.

If SpaceLimit = 0 (the default) then no limits are asserted on SpaceConsumed.

uint64 SpaceConsumed

Space consumed from this Pool, in bytes. This value MUST be maintained so that, relative to the Antecedent StoragePool, it is possible to compute TotalManagedSpace as StoragePool.RemainingManagedSpace plus the sum of SpaceConsumed from all of the AllocatedFromStoragePool references from the antecedent StoragePool.

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